Wind Sneaker

Rena Wind Sneaker!

Name: Rena

Class: Wind Sneaker

Age: Unknown

Weapon: Bow, Body Tequinques.

Second Class Advance:

At Level 35, Rena advances from Combat Ranger to Wind Sneaker, Allowing her more Skills, Combos and a new Class Custom.

Wind Sneaker (Quest):

  1. Speak with Lento in Feita.
  2. Collect 7 drops from the Stone Golems in Feita Dungeons.
  3. Defeat Amethyst 5 times in the Underground Chapel on any difficulty.
  4. Speak with Noel in Velder.
  5. Eliminate 100 Dark Elves in the Velder dungeons. (You may find some more dark elves in Hope bridge.)

Additional Combo:

Z Z -> Z Z Z (Z Z Right Z Z Z) Push your enemy further back while performing a powerful kick followed by a shin kick.

-> -> X Z Z (Right Right X Z Z) Move behind your enemy an hit them with an arrow,then knock them away with a roundhouse kick

Skills: Slide Double Kick, Natures Force, Power Shot, Airelinna and Nature's Affinity.

Nature Force:Rena enhances her feet with a green aura. Rena's physical damage increases and decreasing her knockdown rate for a period of time.
Airelinna: Rena summons the spirit "The Flaring Fairy". The fairy creates an aura (similar to Illipia's Touch) which heals HP for the entire party as well as Attack Speed, Movement, and Jump Speed.
 Power Shooting: Rena's arrows are able to do more damage.
 Friendship With Nature: (Locked skill) When Rena is being attacked at a certain rate this skill casts Nature's Blessing, increasing Rena's Elemental Resist and reduces the damage Rena takes for a certain amount of time.