Grand Archer

Name: Rena

Class: Grand Archer

Full-body picture of Rena as a Grand Archer.

Age: ??

Weapon: Bow.

Second Class Advance:

At Level 35, Rena advances from Sniping Ranger to Grand Archer, Allowing her more skills, Combos and a new Class Custom.

Grand Archer (Quest):

1. Speak with Allegro in Feita. 2. Collect 5 drops from the glitter necromancers in Feita dungeons.

3. Defeat 20 Mana Eaters in 3x-3 Very Hard

Defeat Amethyst 4 times in 3x-3 any difficulty.

4.Speak with Noel in Velder ( you are able to go to velder after you complete a run in Altera Core )

5.Collect 20 drops from dark elves in Velder.

Additional Combo:

(Z Z Z X X) Pluck your bowstring to cause a shockwave that inflicts damage, then jump backwards and shoot arrows while retreating.

> > ^ Z X (Right Right Up Z X) Kick your enemy, then double jump and pluck your bowstring to cause a shockwave that will force them into the air.

Skills:Grand Archer Skills

 Freezing Arrow: Rena shoots an arrow (similar to Rail Stinger) that freezes enemies ( 2 total and all in awakening ) 
Stigma Snipe: Rena steps back and shoots an arrow which decreases Speed, increases Critical damage on the target, and damage done to the target.
 Aero Strafe: Rena jumps backwards into the air and shoots an arrow that explodes on an enemy or the ground.
Inducing Nature: Increases the MP Rena gains while being idle.
Vibration Shot: (Locked skill) Rena's arrows are able to cause wind vibrations ( similar to her combos )