Having fully released the power of his Nasod Arm, by removing the mind controll device placed in it by the nasod race, He has attained massive strength. He still wishes to attone for his sin, and doing so he uses his newfound power to crush the enemies that are invading the kingom of Velder.

After realizing the strength of his Nasod arm he finds that he now controlls many new aspects of Nasod Technology, such as a Nuclear Bomb and Javelins that fall from the sky, along with majorly enhanced strength he is the alter ego of the Blade Master job change. As he is not as composed as his other self he tends to find himself charging headfirst into battle, with his sword rarely used, he strikes with his Nasod Arm striking fear into all enemies in his wake. [[Category:Reckless fist has passives which make his nasod arm attacks magical instead of phisycal, dealing higher damage. A reckless fist shoud use magical buffs, in order to make his nasod arm attaks deadly, especially when combined whith habilities such as Weapon Break or Archenemy]]