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The original Elsword

Overall usefulness

Pretty crappy at combos, the character also knocks down enemies down a lot too, mostly not a team player.


  • After awhile, you'd know how to do combos without knocking him down
  1. When you learn that. gaining MP is much faster, making you one of the faster mp gainers for first job
  • Being short, believe it or not, being short is very good, there are some bosses that will lose around 1/3 of their move set because they just can't hit you with it, though that is still only viable for maybe 4 bosses.
  • Has two skills for super armor mobs and when bosses gain limited superarmor, great 3rd Magic Skill, actually better than his later jobs' third skill.


  • No range moves, meaning you're going to get hit a lot later on, also really bad against super armor mobs.
  • Crappy physical skills in comparison to magical attacks


Every Elsword attack(not skill) is in here Elsword Attacks


If you want to know how damage works, go here How Damage works

Physcial Atrribute Skills:

Mega SLash

Mega Slash

100 MP

One slash, very powerful, does 1181% attack power(so 11.81*your normal attack power).

Fata Fury

Fatal Fury

170 MP

One of the worst moves in the game, never use it

Assault Slash

Assault(may be wrong) Slash

100 MP

You need to max Fatal Fury before having access to this skill. This move gives some mobility, does multiple weak slashes,but can mess up easily as it has a knockdown issue

(meaning, it can lose a lot of it's hits), those can be fixed by using it in the right moments(that is discussed in elsword basics).

Unlimited Blade

Unlimited Blade

250 MP

Multiple straightforward hits, if in awakening mode(also discussed in elsword basics), there's an after aura blast, which is the only reason to use this skill.

Magic Attribute Skills


Flame Geyser

200 MP

Pretty useful for super armor mobs and when bosses have their limited super armor on, you won't be using this that much.

Triple Geyser

Triple Geyser: 300 MP- You need to max Flame Geyser to have access to this skill. The best 3rd skill that elsword probably has in the game, as one is a field type and the other loses its shine later on. Does incredible damage.
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Character Development

Magic Knight

If you chose this path, go here Magic Knight

Sword Knight

If you chose this path, go here Sword Knight