She uses her new elemental powers such as lightning and wind to further advance her magic attacks.

Capable off doing powerfull elemental combo's to eleminate all threats.

Can do some sort off stun-lock with the right skill build.

Aisha continues to follow the footsteps of her mentor and focuses on nature's elemental magic.Aisha's advancement into an Elemental Master unleashes her lost elemental powers that deliver stronger magical damage and a new close combat style.Elemental Masters are damage dealers and buffers.Harvest the power of nature to unleash new elemental skills of ice,fire,thunder and wind.

Additional Combo

X Z Z a new combo that utilizes the elements of fire,wind and lightning

X X Right X or Z Z Up Z Z is a magical ice sphere combo with more damage and hits


Name: Cyclone

Type: Special Active

MP Cost: 85

Requirements: 75 SP invested in skill tree

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Description: Cast a small but deadly tornado for 2.6 seconds that deals 31.5% magical damage continuosly while moving foward,dragging with any target it encouters.

Name:Elemental affinity


MP Cost:None

Requirements: 70 SP invested in skill tree


Description:Using a special active skill will activate a 20 second Self Buff that increases elemental resistance of fire,wind,water and nature by 12 while improving magical attack power.the buff can stack up stage 3 and the duration will reset when stacking occurs.

Name: Statue of glory


MP Cost:40

Requirement: 70 SP invested in skill tree

Cooldown:8 seconds

Description:Summon a statue the lauches the enemy into the air dealing 100% pyhsical damage.It will only be removed when detsroyed.It is immune to all elements and will remain at the same spot to block the enemy from passing through for 7 seconds.

Name:Meteor shower

Type:Special Active

MP Cost: 230

Requirement: 80 SP invested in skill tree

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Description:Engulf the ground in flames withen a 10m range ny casting 13 meteors onto random areas that deals 216% magical damage while buring inflicted targets for 5 seconds.During meteor impact,the inflicted ground will have a continuous damage surrounding the areas.

Name: Aura of Prosperity (Unlockable skill)

Type: Passive

MP Cost:None

Requirement: 75 SP invested in skill tree

Cooldown: None

Description:Reinforces accelerator aura's party buff skills to debuff enemies withen range that lasts for 1/3 of buff duration