Chain Firebolt
Shoot 3 fireballs, 1st two fireballs' damage are equivalent to aisha's normal last fireball at Lvl 5. At the end, it inclicts Burnt status
Leave it at level 1, pretty useless, though fun.

Fire Pillar
Conjures a small tornado of fire around yourself for about 4-5 seconds, dealing damage to all enemies nearby
You need this for Fire Wall

Lightning Bolt
Create a wave of lightnings in front of Aisha for low damage but at a really high amount of hits. Good for getting high combos, or at SA mobs.It's pretty good on bosses, it's like a tad weaker explosion impact however it does regain 100 mp just like the old explosion pact used to.

Binding Circle
Stops everyone in 7m radius around Aisha at level 5. Those that are stopped will not move even in air, unless you attack them, or leave them alone for long enough.
Recommendation : Get it if you have Lightning Bolt, or loves to party with people in PvP, Infected Zone or Henrir.

Fire Wall
A larger version of Fire Pillar, but the range is a lot bigger. The damage is really high, downside is that the mobs will fly up if you use it wrong, suggestion you use it once the boss goes SA.It's better than Lightning Bolt, but it also costs more MP. Pick either one, they're both god for boss

Meteor Call
Summons a meteor and throws it in front of Aisha, dealing a large amount of damage, BUT needs correct positioning. Deadly in PvP.
You can probably use lightning bolt right after this move since you gain a lot of MP from this move. The draw back is that it doesn't do much damage, but it's mostly for killling mobs.