Ai 2b

Aisha : High Magical Girl

The High Magicial Girl comes with more fire power and improved abilities. After communing with all of the elements that exist in this world, she has discovered a unified theory of natural magic. This makes her both extremely powerful and maybe a little wild. Her fireballs are no less than mini suns that can melt a monsters face off.

  • Improved elemental magic's
  • Improved MP recovery
  • MP recovery while moving
  • Improved supportive buffs
  • Enhanced fireball damage
  • Enhanced fireball range

Background History


High Magician still relies on her old combos, while adding her own ingredient in each finisher. However, most of her new attacks involve the use of mp. Like her 1st job, High Magician can float in the air for a short period of time, and can recharge her mp faster than other characters.


  • Combos
1.) X X < X; Releases 2 Fireballs and Dashes to the Opposite Direction On where she is Looking and Launches a Fireball. This Combo is good againts Golem and Other Monsters that Doesn't Get Knock Down Easily.


2.) > > ^ X X; Instead of 1 Fireball She Releases 2 at a Time in Mid-air. Great When Done Only with 1 Fireball Doesn't Knock Down Opponent Easily.

3.) > > X X; Just Like Combo number 3 But On Field Move.


Pics Will be Uploaded later Im Lazy Lolz >> Maru-kun~

Chain Burst

Chain Burst: 100MP: First Skill: Just Like Chain Fireball But Releases Dozens of Fireball in any Direction and Gives an Burn Status the skill is good for Mobs  Awakened: Increases The Fireballs Being Released But Less Damage.


Meditation: No MP required: Quest Skill: Increases The MP being Given when Charge, but While its In Effect You can't run and When you teleport MP  that is required Increases.

Magic Missile: 200MP: Second Skill: Summons a Glowing Blue Ball that finds an Opponent and Once Hit once Attacks It Over and Over For About 6 Hits overall.

Blizzard Shower: 230MP: Quest Skill: Magical [Can be Used in Mid-air]: Support Skill: Aisha Launches a Shower of Ice Crystals and Damages Enemy and Freezes it for a limited amount of time.

Infernal Wave: 300MP: Third Skill: A combo Skill First attacks the enemy with the staff for abouth 3 hit then Launches a Light Bolt at Meteo Call Without the Small to Big Effect.

Blaze Step: 300MP: Quest Skill: 30 Second Cooldown: Summons Fire on the ground of aisha for about 1 meter in length [Game Size] and Burns enemy over and over and it only last till 20 seconds. Doesn't Collect MP per Hit.

Character Development

Elemental Master