Aisha First Job: Dark Magician Bearbeiten

Speciality Bearbeiten

Dark Magician is a close range magic user that relies on chaining combo and dark plasma ball to deal high damage.

Background Bearbeiten

Starting from ancient time, magicians trained not only on the basics, but on their spiritual power too. In order to obtain great power, they have to gain access to the power of "El". Magicians without strong spiritual strength and control will sink into the depths of the magic world and erode, thus dark magician who needs even more power will require even more training. Even though they are able to gain more power, if their spiritual power cannot resist the influence of darkness, they will become a half-human half demon being. True practitioners of dark magic is very few, as most of the magicians are usually elder people. Even so, Aisha's body has a special essence that isolate such influence, along with her immature age, allows her to obtain dark magic, along with avoiding the influence of demon world. However, Aisha's spiritual power is not stable, if she is influenced by the path of darkness, she will become a creature scarier than any other demons, thus in order for her to obtain great power she must bear the great risk of a Dark Mage!

First Class Advancement

Aisha is required to be Lv15 to begin her first class advancement.

Magician Bearbeiten

  1. Clear 2-5 on Hard mode or above (☆☆+) with at least a B rank.
  2. Collect 1 drop from Giant Red Magician (Mini-boss) at 2-1 on Very Hard mode.
    • Collect 2 drop from mobs at 2-6 on any difficulty.
    • Collect 2 drop from mobs at 2-4 on any difficulty.
    • Collect 30 drop from green magician at 2-1 on any difficult.
    • Collect 10 drop from white magician at 2-4 on any difficult.
    • 5 Medium MP Potion (See what's this potion Item Database: Consumable).

After completing the Magician quest chain, Aisha can decide between advancing as High Mage or Dark Mage.

Dark Magician Bearbeiten

  1. Clear 2-6 on Hard mode or above with at least a B rank.
    • Buy 1k item [looks like lamp] from alchemist.
    • Collect 15 drop from Black Bats at 2-2 on any difficulty.
  2. Clear 2-3 on any difficulty with at most taking 20 hits
  3. Talk to Hoffman (Mayor in Elder).

At Lv35, Dark Magician can advance into Void Princess.

Catchphrase Bearbeiten

Hya! Hya! Hya! *shared by all Aishas*

Combos Bearbeiten

Image Description
Aisha 2nd moves Lift Combo

Aisha's ►►ZX combo, with an additional X to knock opponents up. Can be chained into the next move.

Aisha 1st moves Dark Plasma Ball

Aisha will project a dark plasma ball that stays at one place. Does a lot of damage upon contact and stuns the target while allowing Aisha to rush for another combo. It has only 6 hit frames, so if there are more monsters gathered at the same spot the plasma ball dissipates faster, spreading the damage. XX<X

Aisha 3rd moves Magic Touch Combo

Aisha's XXvX combo, with an additonal Z to project a 'magic touch' that does additional damage on target unlucky enough to be on that spot.

Skills Bearbeiten

Special Active Bearbeiten

Datei:AishaS23.png Hell Stone
Datei:AishaS27.png Dark Cloud
Datei:AishaS2.png Death Field
Datei:AishaS31.png Plasma Cutter
Datei:AishaS10.png Aging

Active Bearbeiten

Datei:AishaS13.png Mana Intake
Datei:AishaS28.png Spinning Fireballs

Buff Bearbeiten

Datei:Magic Attack Advanced Buff.PNG Magic Adrenaline

Passive Bearbeiten

Datei:STPassive2.png Intermediate Strength Training
Datei:Harmony of Body and Spirit.png Harmony of Body and Spirit
Datei:Shadow of Death.png Shadow of Death
Datei:Sprint.png Sprint